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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Michigan Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. We have been in existence since 1976 to advocate for those individuals who are touched by dyslexia, whether child, teen, adult, or family member. We also work to educate and inform those in our community who work with dyslexics or who make policies that affect dyslexics. We do this through our annual conference, outreach activities, and publications, and by partnering with other organizations. We hope through our work that dyslexics can achieve to their full potential. We welcome you to join us in this quest!


Joanne Marttila Pierson
International Dyslexia Association
Michigan Branch



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Washtenaw Community College

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Elaine Cheesman 

Technology and Literacy: The Ultimate Chicken and Egg Conundrum  

Image result for Dr. Elaine Cheesman is an associate professor at the University of Colorado

Morning Keynote Address 

Technology and Literacy: The Ultimate Chicken and Egg Conundrum  
Have you ever had a bright student with unexpectedly poor reading, spelling and writing skills? Even though you thought your instruction was carefully planned, you somehow couldn’t reach that student. Does your child continue to struggle in class specialized instruction and additional support? Are you overwhelmed with the choices of assistive technology?

For the past dozen years, educational technology has been the rage of schools across North America and abroad, and held great promise for students with reading and writing challenges, including dyslexia. However, too often this technology is nothing more than word-processing assignments, spell check, email and web searches – all of which require competent literacy skills to access. Here’s the conundrum:  no student can access these traditional technologies without competent reading, spelling and writing skills. Throughout this presentation, Elaine Cheesman demonstrates instructional technology that is intuitive, research-based, and focused on specific literacy skills. Dr. Cheesman offers solutions that can take students, teachers, tutors, and clinicians beyond the conventional technologies to give them the technological keys to literacy success.



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